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Transmission Repair & Service

Transmission repair and service is an essential part of engine maintenance. A vehicle’s transmission is essential for transferring the engine’s power to the driveshafts and wheels. Like engines, transmissions contain many moving parts that wear out over time. Degraded fluid can also contribute to wear and malfunctions. CarDi Automotive offers transmission repair and service in Winter Haven, FL, to help you minimize these issues.

The Role of

Transmission and Maintenance

When it comes to transmission repair and your vehicle. Neglecting engine maintenance and delaying your transmission repair service appointment, accelerates wear and tear, costing you more money or even forcing you to buy a new car sooner than expected. Benefits of regular engine maintenance include:

Transmission Flush

Many owner’s manuals provide guidelines on how often to flush the transmission fluid. When your in the auto shop for a transmission repair service, it’s vital to have your transmission fluid get checked.  If you’re uncertain, a general rule of thumb is to have it done every 40,000 to 60,000 miles. At CarDi Automotive, we go beyond just draining the fluid. Simply draining it leaves some of the old fluid in the torque converter, which can contaminate the new fluid. To ensure the best care for your vehicle, we also replace the filter in the valve body during the flush.

Fluid Check

As with all other vehicle fluids, it’s advisable to check your transmission fluid at least once a month to prevent extensive transmission repairs with your vehicle. This routine check can help you identify any leaks or contamination in the fluid. If you notice the fluid is dark in color or has a burnt smell, it’s a clear sign that it’s time for a change. For accurate results, make sure your vehicle is warmed up and running when you perform the check. Additionally, the vehicle should be parked on level ground.

Cooling System Maintenance

The cooling system plays a crucial role in regulating the temperature of your transmission. It’s recommended to flush the cooling system every 40,000 to 60,000 miles or every five years, whichever comes first. Your vehicle may have a separate transmission cooler, which is typically located in front of the radiator. Be aware that if the engine overheats, this can cause the transmission fluid in the transmission cooler to also overheat.

Check for Transmission Leaks

Before checking in for a transmission repair and service, you need to check as well If fluid leaks from the transmission. If this is the case, you may experience rough shifting or find that the vehicle won’t shift at all. Since reverse gear requires more hydraulic pressure, the first symptom you’ll likely notice is either an inability to engage reverse or slippage when you do. If you’re uncertain whether the fluid on the ground is transmission fluid, a quick test is to dip your finger in it and smell it; transmission fluid has a distinct odor, even when new.

Common Transmission Repair and Issues at

CarDi Automotive in Winter Haven, FL

  • Slipping: When you press the gas pedal, but the vehicle doesn’t respond immediately, your transmission might be “slipping.” This issue is often due to low fluid levels or worn clutches. In extreme cases, the vehicle may fail to go into gear altogether.

  • Delayed Shifting: If the vehicle hesitates before slamming into gear, you could be dealing with delayed shifting. This could be caused by low fluid levels or other transmission-related problems.

  • Fluid Leaks: Leaks in the transmission system can occur in several places, including the slave cylinder, front pump, transmission cooler, or transmission lines.

  • Burning Smell: A burnt odor indicates overheating transmission fluid. This could be due to aged fluid, inefficient cooling systems, a clogged transmission cooler, or low fluid levels.
  • Warning Lights: Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, an issue with the transmission might trigger the check engine light or a specific transmission warning light.

  • Noises: Grinding, clunking, or whining noises when you shift could point to problems with internal components like bands or planetary gears.

  • Clutches: Over time, transmission clutches will wear out due to frequent use. You’ll know it’s time to replace them when you experience slippage. For manual transmissions, if the clutch pedal needs to be pushed closer to the floor to disengage the gears, it’s likely that the clutches are worn.

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Consistent and comprehensive maintenance of your transmission is vital for prolonging its life and ensuring smooth operation. Over time, transmission fluid can accumulate tiny shards of metal that may clog the valve body’s internal passages and accelerate wear on other components. A full transmission flush, as opposed to merely draining the pan, ensures that all the fluid—along with any contaminants—is thoroughly removed and replaced. This process also includes a filter change to maintain optimal fluid quality.

When you need auto repair, fleet maintenance, factory-recommended maintenance, diagnostics, or diesel repair in Winter Haven, FL, contact CarDi Automotive.

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