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Auto Body and Paint in Winter Haven, FL

When it comes to auto body and paint in Winter Haven, FL. Even small scratches in your vehicle’s paint can lead to rust, especially if the panel is metal. A scratch or dent that breaks the paint could cause the paint to start peeling. To protect your vehicle, always have such spots touched up. After an accident, once the vehicle is repaired, don’t neglect the bodywork. CarDi Automotive in Winter Haven also offers auto body & paint.

Scratches and dents can significantly decrease the value of your vehicle. If you plan on trading in or selling your vehicle, you may want to have any dents and scratches repaired.

Auto Body and Paint in Winter Haven, FL

What Is The Importance Of

Auto Body and Paint

Auto Body and Paint in Winter Haven, FL with CarDi Automotive

Keeping your vehicle’s body in good condition with custom and top-notch auto body & paint has several benefits, including:

  • Protection: A vehicle’s paint job protects the body from the elements which cause rust and corrosion. If enough rust develops, it can cause structural integrity issues.
  • Aesthetics: When you get a great paint job, it enhances the vehicle’s appearance.
  • Resale Value: Keeping your vehicle well-maintained, including the engine, transmission, interior and the paint and body, can significantly increase the resale value.

The Process

Auto Body and Paint

The auto body and paint process is more time-consuming than mechanical repairs due to its intricate steps, which include:

1. Assessment

Before starting any bodywork, we assess mechanical damage, body damage, frame damage, and the condition of the existing paint.

2. Damage Repair

We must repair any dents or collision damage to restore the vehicle’s structural integrity before painting.

3. Surface Preparation

Proper body surface preparation is crucial to avoid paint lifting, orange peel, or other defects due to incompatible paints or oils—even oils from handprints. Surface preparation involves sanding, priming, and ensuring a smooth, clean surface.

4. Color Matching

We match the vehicle’s existing color using computerized systems and paint charts unless you request a full paint job.

5. Primer

A primer coat helps the paint bond to the vehicle, whether metal or fiberglass. The number of primer coats depends on the application and type of primer used.

6. Paint

Typically, paint is applied in a paint booth using sprayers. For smaller pieces like fenders, painting may occur in a clean indoor environment. The number of paint coats depends on the paint job type.

7. Clearcoat

Most vehicles undergo a two-stage painting process: base coat and clear coat. The clear coat adds shine and protects the base coat from fading.

8. Buffing and Polishing

After the paint dries, we buff and polish it to eliminate minor imperfections and add shine.

9. Final Inspection

The last step involves a thorough inspection to ensure the paintwork is defect-free.

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Auto body and paint professionals can repair everything from minor dents and scratches to major accident damage. If a body part can’t be repaired, it’s replaced and then painted. These replacement parts typically come with a light coat of primer. Depending on the quality and color of the primer, it may be removed or given an additional coat. Some specialty paint jobs require non-gray primer.

When you need auto repair, fleet maintenance, factory-recommended maintenance, diagnostics, or diesel repair in Winter Haven, FL, contact CarDi Automotive.

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