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Steering & Suspension Services in Winter Haven, FL

Top-notch steering and suspension services at CarDi Automotive in Winter Haven, FL. The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle are crucial for getting you to your destination safely and comfortably. The suspension dampens road bumps, while the steering system guides your vehicle. Neglecting to repair defects in either system can result in premature tire wear, additional strain on related parts, and an increased risk of accidents. CarDi Automotive in Winter Haven, FL, specializes in maintaining and repairing steering and suspension issues across a wide range of makes and models.

Components in the

Suspension System

The primary function of the suspension system is to maintain tire-road contact and absorb shocks and vibrations, thereby enhancing ride comfort. The suspension system consists of:

  • Springs: Cars may have either coil or leaf springs. Coil springs are common in newer cars, whereas leaf springs are usually found in trucks and older vehicles. Both types offer support and flexibility.

  • Shock Absorbers: Positioned inside coil springs or above leaf springs, shock absorbers reduce bumps and help keep the vehicle from bouncing. A stiffer shock offers greater control but a harsher ride, whereas a softer shock offers comfort but less cornering control.

  • Struts: Struts combine a coil spring and a shock absorber to provide a smoother ride and improved vehicle control.
  • Control Arms: These components connect the suspension to the vehicle frame. Misaligned control arms can lead to poor alignment.

  • Bushings: These components prevent metal-on-metal contact within the suspension system and help reduce wear. Over time, bushings may wear out and require replacement.

  • Sway Bars: Sway bars counteract body roll during cornering. They connect the suspension systems on the left and right sides of the vehicle.
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Steering & Suspension Services and Maintenance

Regular inspections of your steering & suspension systems are essential for identifying damage, wear, and leaks. At CarDi Automotive, we check these systems during maintenance visits and look for uneven tire wear, a possible sign of steering or suspension issues.

Because some issues can’t be visually identified, we recommend annual wheel alignments. For those who frequently drive on rough or gravel roads or have hit curbs or road debris, a bi-annual alignment check is advised. If your steering wheel isn’t straight, you’ll need an alignment, even if you had one recently.

Maintaining proper tire pressure and regular tire rotations also contribute to the longevity of your steering and suspension systems.

Components of

Steering System

You may not think about the steering components on your vehicle until they break. Because of the high risk of crashing when the steering goes out, that’s the wrong time to think about it. Keeping the steering maintained helps catch potentially dangerous breakdowns. Components in the steering system include:

  • Steering Wheel and Column: The steering wheel is attached to the steering column, which contains a thick bar that turns the gear box or rack and pinion. The steering column may also contain the key switch, ignition switch, turn signals, and, in some vehicles, the shifter.

  • Gearbox or Rack and Pinion: These components are attached to additional steering and suspension parts that take direction from you via the steering wheel and steering column. Rack and pinion steering is more common in newer vehicles, while older vehicles use gearboxes. Many newer trucks still use gearboxes.
  • Tie Rods and Ball Joints: These components connect the steering to the wheels. If they malfunction, it affects the alignment of the vehicle and causes the steering to be “loose.”

  • Power Steering Pump: The power steering system reduces the effort it takes to turn the steering wheel. Newer cars may have electric power steering, which doesn’t use a pump that holds hydraulic fluid.

  • High and Low-Pressure Hoses: The hoses carry pressurized hydraulic fluid to the rack or gearbox, and the low-pressure hoses carry it back to the pump.

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Trust  CarDi Automotive’s steering & suspension services. The steering and suspension systems in your vehicle are vital for a safe and comfortable journey. We specialize in maintaining and repairing steering and suspension issues across various makes and models.

When you need auto repair, fleet maintenance, factory-recommended maintenance, diagnostics, or diesel repair in Winter Haven, FL, contact CarDi Automotive.

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