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Vehicle Maintenance

Your vehicle is most likely the second most expensive purchase you’ll ever make in your life. Like owning a house, owning a vehicle comes with responsibilities, especially if you want to get the most out of the money you spend on it. You can’t just put gas in and go. You have to keep up with vehicle maintenance if you want the vehicle to last. CarDi Automotive provides auto repair and vehicle maintenance in Winter Haven, FL. We try to make vehicle maintenance as painless as possible by getting you in and out as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

What Are The Benefits Of

Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping up with preventative vehicle maintenance in Winter Haven, FL has many benefits, including:

  • Safety: When you bring your vehicle into CarDi Automotive in Winter Haven, FL, for preventative maintenance, we can identify potential safety hazards before they leave you stranded or cause an accident. We do digital vehicle inspections, which can find faulty brakes, malfunctioning lights, worn-out tires and other issues.

  • Vehicle Longevity: When you keep your vehicle properly maintained, you extend its life. Ignoring factory-recommended maintenance and preventative maintenance could cause breakdowns and significant repairs.

  • Catching Upcoming Repairs: When you bring your vehicle in for maintenance, we can catch upcoming repairs in time for you to schedule a more convenient time for them.
  • Improved Fuel Efficiency: Keeping up with vehicle maintenance helps keep fuel economy where it’s supposed to be. Many maintenance issues, including dirty oil, dirty transmission fluid, clogged air filters and more, can decrease fuel economy.

  • Better Resale Value: You’ll get more money on a trade-in or outright sale if you can prove you kept up with vehicle maintenance. People are not willing to put out a lot of money on a vehicle that could break down sooner rather than later because of poor maintenance.

The Imperative of

Vehicle Maintenance

While all vehicle maintenance is important, not all are listed in your owner’s manual. To keep your vehicle in good running condition, you need:

  • Oil and Filter Change: Most vehicles that use synthetic oil require oil changes between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. If you still use regular oil, the interval is 3,000 miles or three months, whichever comes first.
  • Balance and Rotate Tires: Every time you get an oil change, you should rotate the tires.
  • Coolant Flush: Generally, flush the coolant every five years. If you are not sure when it was last changed, your auto tech can test the coolant to make sure it’s still working.
  • Transmission Flush: Generally, every 30,000 to 40,000 miles unless you haul or tow heavy loads.
  • Engine Air Filter: As needed. Your auto tech should check it every time you come in for an oil change.
  • Cabin Air Filter: Check your owner’s manual for intervals. Every vehicle is different.
  • Battery: Batteries are generally warranted for three years. Your vehicle’s battery may last longer. Your auto tech at CarDi Automotive can check the health of your battery.
  • Belts and Hoses: As needed based on visual check.
  • Lights and Wipers: As needed based on visual check.
  • Flush and Replace Brake Fluid: Every five years.
  • Flush and Replace Power Steering Fluid: Every five years.
  • Fuel Filter: Based on the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, but generally 50,000 and up.

Much of this maintenance directly correlates to longevity and fuel economy. Dirty oil means less lubrication, which means faster wear on the engine and more work for it, which means less fuel economy.

Transmission fluid also lubricates the transmission. Dirty fluid can cause the transmission to overheat. It also reduces efficiency, which, in turn, reduces fuel economy. Clogged fuel filters do not allow enough fuel to move from the fuel tank to the engine and can cause the fuel pump to overheat.

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To improve reliability, safety and peace of mind and decrease the cost of repairs, keep up with preventative maintenance.

When you need auto repair, fleet maintenance, factory-recommended maintenance, diagnostics, or diesel repair in Winter Haven, FL, contact CarDi Automotive.

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