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For Diesel repair of specialized and local Diesel engines, including industry favorites like Cummins, PowerStroke, and Duramax, are renowned for their resilience and hard-working capabilities. While it’s true that these engines generally demand less maintenance than gasoline engines, the upkeep they do require is no less critical. In terms of repair needs, diesel engines are on par with their gasoline counterparts.

At CarDi Automotive, we offer comprehensive diesel repair and auto repair services to cater to the unique needs of both diesel and fuel-powered engines. Servicing a wide range of makes and models, we’re your one-stop-shop for all things automotive in Winter Haven, FL.

How Diesel Engines Work

Diesel repair for diesel engines have less maintenance because they don’t use spark plugs. Because they have a compression ignition instead of a spark ignition, they need heat rather than a spark to ignite the diesel in the cylinders. Diesel is injected into compressed air in the combustion chamber. The heat generated by the compressed air causes a spontaneous ignition. Some engines use glow plugs to increase the heat in the combustion chamber.

Common Diesel Engine Problems

CarDi Automotive can handle diesel repair of most common diesel engine problems and more, including:

  •  Glow Plugs: Engines that use glow plugs require them to start, especially when it’s cooler outside. If just one glow plug fails, it’s difficult to get the engine started, if you can get it started at all. If it does start, it may run rough and produce excessive smoke.

  • Fuel Injection: Without a working fuel injection system, your engine may not start. If it does, it runs rough, uses excessive fuel, and belches black smoke.

  • Turbocharger: A turbocharger forces more air into the combustion chamber, which means the engine has more power. If a turbo fails, it could leak oil, cause the engine to have reduced power, or create excessive noise.

  • Cooling System: If the cooling system fails, whether from a malfunctioning water pump, bad hose or coolant leak, a diesel engine easily overheats. Always keep an eye on the cooling system, as overheating causes catastrophic engine damage.

  • Exhaust System: Newer diesels require diesel particulate filters. When these clog, the engine suffers from poor performance and increased emissions. CarDi Automotive diesel repair can clean or replace the DPF.

  • Electrical: As with any engine, diesel engines can have electrical problems with the many senders and sensors they use. It can also have issues – though rare – with wiring.

Why Choose

CarDi Automotive for Diesel Repair and Auto Repair

CarDi Automotive employs experienced, certified diesel technicians for top-notch diesel repair and is equipped with the diagnostic tools required to repair diesel engines. What sets us apart from other shops is our commitment to trust and honesty.

We utilize digital vehicle inspections to identify issues with your diesel vehicle. To keep you informed, we photograph the problem areas and can send these images directly to you. Additionally, we take the time to explain the issues in terms you can understand, avoiding jargon that often confuses people.

If our inspection reveals additional work is needed, we will inform you whether it requires immediate attention or can be deferred to a more convenient time for you.

At CarDi Automotive, transparency in pricing is a priority. We don’t have hidden fees. When we provide you with a quote, it includes all taxes and applicable fees, including government-mandated charges for hazardous waste and disposal.

Diesel Engine Services at

CarDi Automotive

Our diesel technicians provide many services for diesel vehicles, including:
As long as you keep your vehicle’s diesel engine properly maintained, use the proper fuel and high-quality diesel oil, and keep up with repairs, it will last hundreds of thousands of miles. Following a maintenance schedule helps increase longevity.

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