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Many industries, from utilities to corporate offices, operate a fleet of vehicles. Whether your fleet consists of diesel trucks or sedans, they require regular maintenance and repair. CarDi Automotive offers fleet services in Winter Haven, FL, for fleets of all sizes—from small groups of four or five vehicles to large operations with hundreds.

When your vehicles are essential for revenue, such as in utilities or sales, every minute one vehicle is down costs money. CarDi Automotive collaborates with fleet owners to establish maintenance schedules, ensuring all vehicles receive the necessary upkeep. We also prioritize repairs for fleet vehicles.

Why Choose CarDi Automotive for

Fleet Services

Neglecting vehicle maintenance leads to costly repairs and operational downtime. CarDi Automotive provides maintenance and auto repair services in Winter Haven, FL, giving fleet owners a reliable partner to keep their vehicles in optimal condition.

We conduct digital vehicle inspections for each fleet vehicle brought in for maintenance, identifying worn parts that need replacement before they strand your drivers. Scheduled repairs are more manageable, allowing you to arrange alternative transportation for your drivers, thus minimizing lost revenue.

Additionally, when you use CarDi Automotive for your fleet’s maintenance and repair, you have the benefit of:

The Importance

Why Fleet Maintenance is Important

While it might seem like you are spending money and time you don’t need to, you don’t realize the importance of fleet maintenance in Winter Haven, FL
until your vehicles start breaking down. Fleet maintenance has many benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings: We can find minor issues and repair them on your schedule before they surprise you and leave your driver on the side of the road with more expensive repairs – and an unexpected tow bill. While maintenance doesn’t catch everything, it significantly reduces extra costs associated with breaking down and broken parts affecting other parts.

  • Safety: Keeping your fleet vehicles safe is imperative. When a driver wrecks, it leads to lawsuits, workers’ compensation claims and more. It could also cause deaths if the accident is fatal.

  • Time Savings: When you can schedule your vehicles for maintenance and repairs, you have the option to plan for alternate transportation for your fleet drivers. With an unexpected breakdown, that driver is out of commission until the vehicle is towed and you find another vehicle for that driver. Don’t forget… time is money!
Having a maintenance schedule with CarDi Automotive also provides many benefits, including:
  • Longer vehicle lifespan: It’s more cost-effective to maintain fleet vehicles for several years instead of buying new vehicles every few years.

  • Improved fuel efficiency: You might save a few dollars per month on each vehicle, but those few dollars add up over a year, especially if you have several vehicles.

  • A significant reduction in downtime: Even one driver sitting on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck can cost a business thousands of dollars each day by the time you add up the lost work time and possible lost sales.

  • Compliance: With emissions standards, where necessary.

  • Safety for your drivers: In addition to avoiding personal injury lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims, you could lose a great employee for months while he or she deals with injuries from a car accident.

  • Peace of mind: Knowing that your drivers are in well-maintained vehicles.

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